The Art of Packing

We are moving... and we are moving into our own "retirement" home! 2 Acres of land, a front porch to sit out on and listen to the stream flowing down its course from the mountains down the road  and across the street. I sip a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Life is good.

But right now I'm still in that "other" place... the place we're moving from... and it is HELL! The little apartment we've lived in for the last 5 years in anticipation of this momentus occassion isn't so bad, but moving out of it is. Why you may ask? Well, it's all the packing!!! OMG, how can I (and I say I because I am the guilty party here) have aquired ALL THIS STUFF?!? Now I have to sort and pack and organize...

I started out with humble intentions of complete organization... every box organized, properly labeled and stacked... but that takes ALOT of time. AND we're starting to get short on time! Now I'm packing this with that... what happened to the pen, oh well... Do we really need this?! Where's the packing tape?!

Maybe I'll look back on all this and laugh... maybe I'll look back on this post and smile... But RIGHT NOW I'm in packing hell and the dumpster is looking better every day...

We are moving... I can't wait to sip that fresh brewed cup of coffee on OUR own front porch... and have all this packing DONE!


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